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Eucalyptus Branch

Internal Bookings

Looking to book a space for a University related meeting or event? You've landed in the right place. This page will take you step by step through the booking process.

Bookings in Four Easy Steps


Reserve Your Space


Click on the corresponding links to reserve theatre, athletic spaces, The SAC, or classrooms. Contact the library to reserve library space. These spaces are reserved outside of this platform. Click here to book any other public space at Centenary.  



Click on the start time of your reservation and don't worry if it's longer than one hour, you'll have a chance to input your end time on the registration form. The time is adjusted on the back end. This platform is designed for external rentals so please be sure to follow steps 2-4 below for your tech, marketing, and facilities requests.


Add to SharePoint Calander

Once you receive confirmation, that your space is secured, click here to go to Sharepoint.

For directions on how to enter events into Sharepoint, click here.


Share to University Website

Go to the form here to share your event with the marketing department. They will then place your event on to the University website.


Facilities & Tech Request

Should you need any set up, break down or request from facilities, please enter your request here.

Requests for audio and tech in non-theatre spaces can be made here.

Requests for audio and tech in theatre spaces can be made here.

Your Space Rental Questions Answered:

I would like to include catering in my event:

Visit Sodexo's catering menu here. Have questions about catering? Email here.

I would like to serve alcohol at my event:

Contact Darlene White for details on alcohol permits for public events.

I am holding an event open to the public, do I need a special event permit with the town:

Only if it is held outdoors and anyone from the public can attend without an invite.

I have other questions pertaining to my event, who do I contact:

For general spaces: Darlene White

For Theatre Spaces: Maxinne Spann or Chris Young

For Athletics: Kevin Davies

For classrooms: Anyone in registrar

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