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Sharing Events on Sharepoint

in Easy to Follow in 4 Steps

Step 1:

Scroll Down to Additional Resources and click the Master Calander button.

Step 2

Calanders in View

Click on "Calanders in View" on left.

Click on the date of your event. 

Step 3

Adding Your Event

You will see the daily schedule appear for that day. click on the start time and you will see "+add" appear in the highlighted area. If you do not see this, you do not have access to that specific Calander. Choose a different one or contact Sharon Ainsley.

Screenshot (153)_edited.jpg

Step 4

Inputting Information

Add your event and be sure to click save. It will now be added to the Sharepoint Calander. Be aware that this Calander is internal. If you would like your event shared outside of the Centenary community, follow step 3 on the internal bookings page.

Screenshot (154)_edited.jpg
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